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I Prefer Sans-Woo, Thank Yoo.

Quantum weirdness is weird. No doubt. But why isn’t reality weird enough for some folks? The straight dope on the quantum world is completely fascinating and mind boggling. Take, for instance, the double slit experiment.

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Tuning Forks Followup

While doing research for our discussion of using tuning forks for healing in a previous episode, I noticed that youtube was full of videos of tuning-fork-healers, and had no videos representing the skeptical angle. Hopefully this, Scopes Monkey Choir’s first video production, will show up when people search for info on this seriously dubious ‘medical’ […]

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SMC 4: Biosonics, Brian (Brain), Color Organ, News

BIOSONICS AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: BRAIN EXHIBIT Exhibit site COLOR ORGAN 1730 Jesuit, Father Louis Bertrand Castel Picture of A Wallace Rimington’s color organ Extensive article on Color Organs by Kenneth Peacock — PDF Youtube Prometheus NEWS Scientists at Atlas, the particle physics experiment at the large hadron collider, have recorded an album. All […]

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