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SMC 86: Castrati

The Lancet: Voice of the Castrato Journal of Anatomy: Hyperostosis frontalis interna (HFI) and castration: the case of the famous singer Farinelli (1705–1782) The Castrati in Opera, Angus Heriot, Calderbooks, 1960 The Journal of Sexual Medicine: Castrati Singers—All for Fame: A Commentary …

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SMC 84: Interview with Indre Viskontas

The fantabulous neuroscientist/soprano Indre Viskontas. ..

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SMC 58: Fat Lady Sings?

An interview with Monica Reinagel, nutrition diva and singer. Her podcast on reflux, which includes research references. And on the benefits of caffeine. And about dehydration. Refs for milk and mucus: one and two. Monica also has two new ebooks coming out in January: Nutrition Zombies: 10 Nutrition Myths that Refuse to Die and How […]

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SMC 55: Formants, Vowels & Vocal Experiments

An interview with Joe Wolfe. What is this word ‘formant’? Physclips. Volume II: Waves & Sound. More on the experiments with a soprano. We had fun at SkepticampNYC! ..

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SMC 39: Vocal Gel, Nodes, Pansori

NEWS Lady Gaga parody-video tips for scientists. The enduring myth of music and maths. (via John Allen Paulos) .. GEL, NODES, AND OTHER ICKY VOCAL PROBLEMS Synthetic gel mimics vocal folds. (via SkepTV) Tested on dogs — all aok (we hope). “Nodes,” or Vocal Nodules. (Basics) Even the pros don’t always agree what exactly “nodes” […]

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SMC 27: How the Voice Works

News A scientist’s tribute to Maria Callas. Underneath: Maria Callas singing “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s Tosca. .. How the Voice Works The basics of the voice (and how it can go wrong). Diagrams of vocal tract, including difference between chimpanzee, baby, and grown human. Dr. Thomas explains a laryngoscopy. ..

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