59: Sixty-Four Old Violins & Citizen Whales

Episode 59: Sixty-Four Old Violins & Citizen Whales


When I’m 64 “fake” study. (coverage, paperPDF)

The (non)magic of old violins. (coverage, study)

with Robert Simpson of Zooniverse and Whale.fm

Orca sound basics.

71: Stroh violin

Episode 71: Stroh violin

The Stroh violin http://historywired.si.edu/object.cfm?ID=46
is the brand name of a kinda of phonofiddle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonofiddle .


Bennett & Williams play two “phonofiddles.” http://youtu.be/gjNIJoIz9V0


A modern Strohcello. http://youtu.be/S6bNKmjw2Fk

Pic of romanian horn-violin: