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Measuring Musical Talent in 1935

(Click here for larger version. Via Modern Mechanix) ..

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SMC 28: Metronome Vs. Tuning Fork

News Study claims narcissism is ‘on the rise’ in pop lyrics. Lots of coverage (one, two three), some decent take-downs (one, two). [Original Study ($$)] Listen to lead author Nathan DeWall talk about the study. “Is there any hope for society amidst this onslaught of egotism?” Ugh. Hmm, he’s seems to really have a thing […]

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Tuning Forks Followup

While doing research for our discussion of using tuning forks for healing in a previous episode, I noticed that youtube was full of videos of tuning-fork-healers, and had no videos representing the skeptical angle. Hopefully this, Scopes Monkey Choir’s first video production, will show up when people search for info on this seriously dubious ‘medical’ […]

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SMC 4: Biosonics, Brian (Brain), Color Organ, News

BIOSONICS AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: BRAIN EXHIBIT Exhibit site COLOR ORGAN 1730 Jesuit, Father Louis Bertrand Castel Picture of A Wallace Rimington’s color organ Extensive article on Color Organs by Kenneth Peacock — PDF Youtube Prometheus NEWS Scientists at Atlas, the particle physics experiment at the large hadron collider, have recorded an album. All […]

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