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Take a Stroll Inside a Violin

When the Berlin Philharmonic asked Bjoern Ewers to design an ad campaign, he stepped up and (sorta) stepped in to a violin. Check out the whole series here. Thanks to listener Ben E., who points out that it is reminiscent of The Splits project we talked about. Via Boing Boing. ..

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The Splits – Video

In episode 18 we mentioned an odd project I was involved in called The Splits. Here’s a taste of what it was like:  

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SMC 18: Split Instruments, Floppy Disc Music

THE SPLITS Sculptor Jane Benson splits string instruments in half. Scopes Monkey Matt has written music for them. .. FLOPPY DISC MUSIC Phantom of the Floppera. Star Wars Imperial Theme on floppy. Radiohead arranged for hardware. How does it work? Interview with Ed Bear. .. Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism! ..

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