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SMC 80: Avocado, Fly-sex bat attacks, Interview with a synesthete

We’re back from The Amazing Meeting. Putting out fire with sound. Ultrasonic avocado testing. (Early research) Fly sex ups bat attacks. (coverage, paper) Interview with Emily, a synesthete. (Hear our original episodes about synesthesia, 5 & 6) ..

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SMC 38: My Music Brain, TAM, Flow

Review: My Music Brain. (A rant.) .. The Amazing Meeting 9. .. Improvisation, or Flow with Ashley Hamer and George Hrab. Yes it’s a real thing (explicit/implicit brain functions, and non-brain body changes). (one, two) Brain turns on about what you’d expect — sequence generation, selection, and motor coordination. Experienced improvisors shut down the fTPJ. […]

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