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SMC 56: News from the Monkey Scope II

High-frequencies in understanding. Bee Gees CPR? Not so fast… (A, B) Music makes wine taste better? (coverage, paper) “Gorilla Man” unheard. “Change deafness” Related to “Change Blindness.” (video) “Vocal fry” getting attention… why? Pics of Baby Weasels! ..

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SMC 44: More Flow, Musical Taste, Factor Analysis

Followup: Flow Wherein we refer to Episode 38. .. Factor Analysis The structure of musical preferences; factor analysis. (Sci-Am coverage, paper) With Phyllis Chinn. Bohemian Beer Party Polka. ..

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SMC 21: Smashley, Taste the Music, Contrabassoon

Interview with Mad Art Lab‘s Ashley Hamer. The taste of music. INSTRUMENT DU JOUR: Contrabassoon Contrabassoon master class. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Paul Abraham Dukas. Contrabass dot com ..

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