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SMC 63: Fred Adams Interview, Part II

Part two of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. ..

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SMC 62: Fred Adams Interview, Part I

Part one of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. .. In the NYC area? Come see the first workshop of Science Fair, Hai-Ting’s music/science show with music by Matt. ..

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More Meteor Moozik

We’ve talked before about the sonification of meteors striking the atmosphere, and how the tech required to do it is pretty simple. There’s a nice followup, with audio(video) and further explanation over at the Bad Astronomy blog. Hooray for creepy science sounds!

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SMC 41: Deaf by Distraction

Spoilers don’t spoil? (Reporting, Lehrer blog) Bavarian star symphony. (Underneath: the radioactive orchestra, interactive isotope music.) Spaceweather Radio. Phil Plait’s entry on the topic. Geminid meteor shower 1998 sound at NASA. .. Inattentional deafness. (Coverage, study) Gorilla attention thingy we mentioned. .. Gum-leaf, one of three Australian aboriginal instruments. (Underneath: Herb Patten on Australia’s Got […]

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SMC 19: Fermented Music, Sound in Space, Baby Music Basics

.. FERMENTED MUSIC Playing music to wine while it ferments. SOUND IN SPACE Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133) launch video. The sound begins at 14:46. No air up there! But if you attach a microphone to a huge hunk of metal, vibrations, including when bits of debris hit, will be picked up as sound. (via Bad Astronomy) […]

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SMC 16: Space Flute, Tinnitus, Clavichord

NEWS Flute Music in Space. More on music in space. .. TINNITUS tin-EYE-tus or TIN-u-tus, both are right. Much of the general info is from Møller, Textbook of Tinnitus, 2010. Case: tinnitus evolving into 24-hour musical hallucinations. (Sacks, Musicophilia) rTMS for the treatment of tinnitus: The role of neuronavigation for coil positioning. Irish teenagers find […]

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SMC 10: Messiah Organist on Crack, Sandy Antunes

NEWS Ornately decorated conch shells found at a pre-Inca religious site in Peru. John Denver: more than meets the ear. Interviewing Carl Sagan in 1977. (via take as directed) Messiah Organist on Crack .. Interview with Sandy Antunes — Project Calliope (mentioned previously in episode 8.) Picture of the satellite-in-progress with a cat. Sandy mentions […]

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