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“It’s A Mystery” Flowchart

Click to embiggen. (via Hooray Reality) ..

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SMC 52: Priming & Pareidolia Part II

Priming & Pareidolia Part II Part I is here. Pareidolia at the skeptic’s dictionary. Pareidolia can be visual or auditory. Priming from the NYTimes. Piano speaking Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. EVP example. “Islam is the light” doll news report. And the Snopes takedown. Reality Check episode 10. […]

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Science Quote: When We Started

Here’s Hai-Ting singing my setting of a quote by Steven Novella: ..

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SMC 15: Epilepsy and Music

NEWS Some of our musician listeners have asked what the hell we mean when we talk about “the skeptical community.” On our home page you can check out some of the links on the right in Blogroll and Podcasts to explore. Also, here’s a good introductory description. Followup on the paper Why More Intelligent Individuals […]

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