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SMC 33: Violent Lyrics, Pedal Steel Guitar

  Rite of Spring premiere update, in which we more strongly declare that there was no riot. .. Violence in Lyrics Heavy metal and aggression study. (PDF)

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The Rite of Spring Premiere was Not a Riot

In our last episode we questioned the legendary “riot at the Rite of Spring premiere.” We agreed that, looking at the original sources we found, it didn’t sound like there was a riot, and what hissing and booing occurred was a reaction to the choreography not the music, and that certainly the trouble didn’t last […]

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SMC 31: Rite of Spring, Northumbrian Smallpipes

News Reaction to sound may help separate conscious patients from vegetative patients. (Reporting; study) Use of Music and Voice Stimulus on Patients With Disorders of Consciousness. (PDF) .. The Premiere of the Rite of Spring UPDATE: for a more definitive takedown of the “riot” read here.

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