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SMC 30: Perfect Pitch, Vibraphone

News Baba Brinkman‘s Rap Guide to Evolution release party in London, May 25th. Congrats to Project Calliope! .. Perfect Pitch Absolute pitch in professional musicians surveyed between 15%-30%. [PDF] Asians who speak tone-languages are more likely to have absolute pitch. Ah, but now some studies say there is a genetic component. Getting closer to identifying […]

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SMC 25: Spacedog, Baoding Balls

NEWS Musicmask; or, how to pay $44.95 to close your eyes. (The scientific paper the product website cites actually contradicts their claims.) Step up for Project Calliope! Donate what you can and get cool schtuff. INTERVIEW with Spacedog (Sarah Angliss) of Mad Art Lab. Part One: Angliss on music & skepticism. INSTRUMENT DU JOUR OF […]

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Time to Step Up for Project Calliope

Project Calliope, which we’ve talked about on several episodes, is sending up a pico-satellite to make music from the ionosphere. There’s only a little bit of money left to raise, and you can help out and get fabulous schtuff in return!

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SMC 10: Messiah Organist on Crack, Sandy Antunes

NEWS Ornately decorated conch shells found at a pre-Inca religious site in Peru. John Denver: more than meets the ear. Interviewing Carl Sagan in 1977. (via take as directed) Messiah Organist on Crack .. Interview with Sandy Antunes — Project Calliope (mentioned previously in episode 8.) Picture of the satellite-in-progress with a cat. Sandy mentions […]

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SMC 8: Didgeridoo, New Logical Fallacy: Argument FOR Ignorance

The physics of the Didgeridoo The article by Roger Scruton that gets our goat, and creates our new logical fallacy: the argument for ignorance. (Different from the argument from ignorance.) This also inspired this blog post. Orcas mimic other groups’ calls. Project Calliope! ..

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