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SMC 70: Music Through Bone, Self-Tuning Piano

.. Self-Tuning Piano Gizmag article. .. Music Through Bone SwiMP3. Effects of Bone-Conducted Music on Swimming Performance. Hugo Gernsback’s Osophone patent: [PDF] Bone Fone. Beethoven bites to hear better? New Scientist: “apocryphal.” Journal Nature, 1884. ..

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The Ugliest Sonata?

Can advanced mathematics and sonar theory provide us with the ugliest music ever written? Frankly, I’ve heard worse… A TEDx talk. (Piece begins at about 7:47) ..

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Tortured Piano

Since we just talked about piano destruction, I thought I’d keep you up to date on further advances in this strange tradition. This one’s via the blog Music of Sound.

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SMC 23: The Piano, Then and Now

The Piano 1899: The piano as a cause of neuroses. (Quote from here; Full text here.) Piano Basics Much material here is from Barry Parker’s book Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music. (His site; Amazon) One of the first twenty pianofortes ever made, made by Cristofiori, between 1709 and 1720. The Piano Deconstructed: diagram of […]

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