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SMC 85: Interview with physicist Sean Carroll

Interview with physicist and author  Sean Carroll. ..

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SMC 76: My Dinner With Physicists

.. Hai-Ting, in Toronto at the Luminato Festival, has dinner with Lee Smolin, Robert Spekkens, Hector Bombin, Peter Hatch, and Carlos Tamarit from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. ..

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SMC 63: Fred Adams Interview, Part II

Part two of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. ..

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SMC 62: Fred Adams Interview, Part I

Part one of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. .. In the NYC area? Come see the first workshop of Science Fair, Hai-Ting’s music/science show with music by Matt. ..

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