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Musical Relativity


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French Horn Urinals

At the Jazzissimo Lounge in Romania. (More at Laughing Squid) ..

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A Monkey Choir

Can you guess which one is Hai-Ting and which one is Matt? (Thanks to Adam from the Michigan Skeptics!) ..

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Reptilian Snail Mail

I got this excellent postcard yesterday, a friendly skeptical taunting from Crushinator, aka Corin See. Click it, for detail’s sake! ..

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Twinkie Song

I’m sure you’ve all said to yourself, at one time, “sure, Hai-Ting is a podcaster. But what would happen if the Glitzy Beast of T.V. got their paws on her? What would happen?” Here’s your answer: ..

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Looking For a City


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Lyre Bird

A terrific sendup of one of our heroes.

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Trombone, 1899

Click to embonate. (Via Vintage Printable)

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Dork Out!: A Preliminary Trial of the Game Boomshine

This has nothing to do with music. I like a good game here and there, and decided to answer a question I’ve had about the game Boomshine. .. RANDOM VERSUS INTENTIONAL GAMEPLAY IN BOOMSHINE ABSTRACT: In the game Boomshine, little balls bounce around the play area. The player touches the screen once (the iPhone version […]

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