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SMC 22 : B-flat? Sounds of the Universe, Stalacpipe Organ

NEWS Royal Philharmonic Orchestra helps science by playing to plants. Reporting of original plant/music studies. .. Yes, we’ve heard about B-flat. Since first airing on NPR in 2007, Robert Krulwich’s story “Have You Heard About B Flat?” has received tons of attention. Tossing around words like “mysterious” and phrases such as “…he doesn’t have an […]

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SMC 10: Messiah Organist on Crack, Sandy Antunes

NEWS Ornately decorated conch shells found at a pre-Inca religious site in Peru. John Denver: more than meets the ear. Interviewing Carl Sagan in 1977. (via take as directed) Messiah Organist on Crack .. Interview with Sandy Antunes — Project Calliope (mentioned previously in episode 8.) Picture of the satellite-in-progress with a cat. Sandy mentions […]

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SMC 4: Biosonics, Brian (Brain), Color Organ, News

BIOSONICS AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: BRAIN EXHIBIT Exhibit site COLOR ORGAN 1730 Jesuit, Father Louis Bertrand Castel Picture of A Wallace Rimington’s color organ Extensive article on Color Organs by Kenneth Peacock — PDF Youtube Prometheus NEWS Scientists at Atlas, the particle physics experiment at the large hadron collider, have recorded an album. All […]

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