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SMC 72: New Work on the Language/Music Nexus Part I

.. All about the latest issue of Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience. Aphasia and melodic intonation therapy. (Paper) And thanks to NECSS for its excellentnessnecss! ..

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SMC 71: Stroh Violin, Boney Followup

We begin with a brief rant that refers to SMC episode 60: Fluffy Ice Frogs. See you at the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism. And/or Story Collider. .. Stroh Violin Underneath: Folk song with Stroh violin (and spoons). The Stroh violin is the brand name of a kind of phonofiddle. Bennett & Williams play […]

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SMC 24: NECSS Non-Episode

We were at the 2011 Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism all weekend, and we didn’t have any backup episodes. So all you get this week is four minutes of, well, (almost) nothing. Many thanks and hoorays to Maki Naro, Erika Switzer, Page Van Meter, Brian George, Julia Galef, Adam Magazine, oh and on and […]

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SMC 18: Split Instruments, Floppy Disc Music

THE SPLITS Sculptor Jane Benson splits string instruments in half. Scopes Monkey Matt has written music for them. .. FLOPPY DISC MUSIC Phantom of the Floppera. Star Wars Imperial Theme on floppy. Radiohead arranged for hardware. How does it work? Interview with Ed Bear. .. Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism! ..

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