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Beatbox Brain scan

Six minutes on beatbox and brain scans. (via Science with Moxie)

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SMC 13: Dopamine, Yodeling

DOPAMINE Dopamine release during pleasurable music listening directly observed — the study and NYTimes coverage. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings .. YODELING Franzl Lang — “traditional” yodel, fun video Sideways yodeling “Softer” yodeling technique clip from theĀ Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 8. Take a look at what vocal cords actually look like (icky and […]

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SMC 2: Wine, Brains, Needle Drop

Wine Glass Trombone simple physics of wine glass singing OK I didn’t actually read this study (they want money, I don’t have money), but the abstract is what gave me the idea for the segment. The Brains of Opera Singers The brain of opera singers Discussion on bps research digest Discussion on the psych files […]

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