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SMC 46: Stage Fright! Choke! Aahh!

 (Photo from behind the bar at the club Jalopy in Brooklyn.) News The McGurk Effect video everyone’s been on about. Harry McGurk came across it while studying infant perception of speech. The effect works with various syllables. Here’s one that combines McGurk effect with the Ventriloquist effect. New mathematical model of ‘harmonious’ and ‘dissonant’ sounds. […]

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SMC 39: Vocal Gel, Nodes, Pansori

NEWS Lady Gaga parody-video tips for scientists. The enduring myth of music and maths. (via John Allen Paulos) .. GEL, NODES, AND OTHER ICKY VOCAL PROBLEMS Synthetic gel mimics vocal folds. (via SkepTV) Tested on dogs — all aok (we hope). “Nodes,” or Vocal Nodules. (Basics) Even the pros don’t always agree what exactly “nodes” […]

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Music is Math

Tatiana Plakhova mixes mathematically inspired design with music. via bioephemera

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