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SMC 57: Brain Beat & Christmas Music nonScience (not annoying)

Hai-Ting went to Brain Beat. The Unscientific Holiday Song Science Test of NonScience This Is Your Brain On Music (Levitin, 2007) Absolute memory for musical pitch (Levitin paper referred to). The only link I’m providing is to the hippo Xmas song. Ha!) ..

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SMC 44: More Flow, Musical Taste, Factor Analysis

Followup: Flow Wherein we refer to Episode 38. .. Factor Analysis The structure of musical preferences; factor analysis. (Sci-Am coverage, paper) With Phyllis Chinn. Bohemian Beer Party Polka. ..

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SMC 38: My Music Brain, TAM, Flow

Review: My Music Brain. (A rant.) .. The Amazing Meeting 9. .. Improvisation, or Flow with Ashley Hamer and George Hrab. Yes it’s a real thing (explicit/implicit brain functions, and non-brain body changes). (one, two) Brain turns on about what you’d expect — sequence generation, selection, and motor coordination. Experienced improvisors shut down the fTPJ. […]

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SMC 19: Fermented Music, Sound in Space, Baby Music Basics

.. FERMENTED MUSIC Playing music to wine while it ferments. SOUND IN SPACE Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133) launch video. The sound begins at 14:46. No air up there! But if you attach a microphone to a huge hunk of metal, vibrations, including when bits of debris hit, will be picked up as sound. (via Bad Astronomy) […]

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