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SMC 82: Aurora, Piracy, Elephants, and Boring Pop

Finland aurora study: are there sounds associated with the northern lights? 70 Percent of All Music Piracy Happens Offline. Study by the NPD group, a market research firm. The secrets of the elephant’s larynx. (NYTimes, Study) Video of elephant vocal folds. Video of elephants in wild making infrasonic calls. Modern pop: louder and “dumber?” Let’s […]

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SMC 27: How the Voice Works

News A scientist’s tribute to Maria Callas. Underneath: Maria Callas singing “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s┬áTosca. .. How the Voice Works The basics of the voice (and how it can go wrong). Diagrams of vocal tract, including difference between chimpanzee, baby, and grown human. Dr. Thomas explains a laryngoscopy. ..

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