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SMC 80: Avocado, Fly-sex bat attacks, Interview with a synesthete

We’re back from The Amazing Meeting. Putting out fire with sound. Ultrasonic avocado testing. (Early research) Fly sex ups bat attacks. (coverage, paper) Interview with Emily, a synesthete. (Hear our original episodes about synesthesia, 5 & 6) ..

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SMC 36: Volume!

NEWS PossessedHand. (Developer’s site, New Scientist coverage) .. VOLUME! Decibel basics are from Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music by Barry Parker (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009). Infrasonic detection of a nearā€Earth object impact over Indonesia on 8 October 2009. (paper) About hearing damage. The insect with the loud penis. (BBC coverage with sound, paper) […]

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