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SMC 77: Music Evolves (kinda)

Be a subject in an experiment on different tuning standards. .. Scientists have “discovered” why people find rock ‘n’ roll exciting. (Bad coverage, better coverage, paper) .. Study says pop musicians are now using sadder keys and tempos: (Coverage, paper) .. “Evolving” music. (Coverage, paper) Jerry Coyne’s take on it. .. The¬†Abstract Abstract: Gamma Ray […]

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SMC 74: Sound News, Taste-Maker Cities, Ovulation

Oldest flute update. Virtual orchestra. Toward a color-based music retrieval system. Intimate Distance, a book about Bolivian traditional music in Japan. Teenaged acoustic land-mine-detector inventor. Network Map of Music Listening Habits. (Coverage, paper) Do Women Prefer More Complex Music around Ovulation? ..

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Jonathan Berger on Music

Excellent 12 minute lecture on where music-brain research currently stands. ..

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SMC 32: World Science Festival, Baba Brinkman

A somewhat vague discussion about the fantastic World Science Festival. .. Interview with Baba Brinkman. The Rap Guide to Evolution in NYC at the Soho Playhouse. ..

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