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SMC 66: Yellowstone Sky Noises

.. Special Report! The Yellowstone Sky Noises, their history and re-emergence as a modern urban legend. The article that (re)started it all:¬†Yellowstone “lake music.” There are references to the phenomenon between the “old days” and last week, but not many. (one, two) Edwin Linton’s Science article. [PDF] Many of today’s “interpretations” are hyperbole overload. (one, […]

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Reptilian Snail Mail

I got this excellent postcard yesterday, a friendly skeptical taunting from Crushinator, aka Corin See. Click it, for detail’s sake! ..

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SMC 64: Nano-ear, Sky Noises, Voice Glove

We’re now part of the science360 network! .. The nano-ear makes some headway. .. Edmonton sky noises: admitted hoax. .. Voice glove. Gesturally Realized Audio, Speech and Song Performance (GRASSP). These folks are doing all sorts of interesting things. ..

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