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SMC 83: Cooperation, Compassion, Tapping

.. Hi-Fi Writer on the loudness wars. .. ¬†”The Frog Song” (above) from the study about children’s cooperation. (PDF) Group music sessions ‘may boost empathy in children.’ (coverage, study) NYTimes column mentioned. “Tapping” study (PDF). ..

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SMC 45: Rhyme, Memory, Rap, Beowulf

Rhyme & Memory The study of rhyme, in memory and language, is ongoing. (1, 2, 3) World Science Festival 2011 panel on memory. Do rhymes facilitate memory? (1, 2) In children, rhyme training improved rhyming skill but not memory. Recall of phonologically similar items is worse than dissimilar ones. (This paper has some good summary […]

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SMC 3: Trombones, Childhood, Old Flutes

Trombones are funny. When Should Children Start Musical Training? Overview discussion of the cognitive impact of musical training A small sampling of studies: Keyboard training in pre-schoolers: Significant improvement on the spatial-temporal test was found for the keyboard group only “Still an open question” Review Increased math achievement Kid Conductor:¬†Rite of Spring Oldest musical instruments […]

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