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SMC 74: Sound News, Taste-Maker Cities, Ovulation

Oldest flute update. Virtual orchestra. Toward a color-based music retrieval system. Intimate Distance, a book about Bolivian traditional music in Japan. Teenaged acoustic land-mine-detector inventor. Network Map of Music Listening Habits. (Coverage, paper) Do Women Prefer More Complex Music around Ovulation? ..

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SMC 5: Synesthesia, Part One

SYNESTHESIA (part one) Our main references for this episode were: Wednesday is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia (Cytowic, Eagleman, 2009) Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (Sacks, 2007) Synesthesia: a union of the senses (Cytowic, 2002) Think you might be one? www.synesthete.org Interview with Martha Cluver and Caleb Burhans. Blogs dissing the […]

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Brain Slash Music

When talking about our podcast, I’ve been asked a few times whether I’ve read This is Your Brain on Music. And when I say um, err, not yet, I’ve been told I’m pretty gutsy to start a podcast about music and science without reading it. So, OK, I’m reading it. Jeez. This podcast is, for […]

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