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SMC 80: Avocado, Fly-sex bat attacks, Interview with a synesthete

We’re back from The Amazing Meeting. Putting out fire with sound. Ultrasonic avocado testing. (Early research) Fly sex ups bat attacks. (coverage, paper) Interview with Emily, a synesthete. (Hear our original episodes about synesthesia, 5 & 6) ..

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SMC 50: Halloween show: Bats!!!!

 (click for da bigger version.) NEWS Chorus waves. (Science News) Main source of auroral precipitation. Chorus sounds courtesy U of Iowa PLASMA WAVE INVESTIGATION. New model predicts solar superstorm could disrupt satellites for years. NASA’s vid of the Halloween storm. ‘Dance Your PhD’ winner! .. BATS!!!!!!!! Echolocation summary. “How bats work.” Echolocation discovered in 1940. […]

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