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SMC 45: Rhyme, Memory, Rap, Beowulf

Rhyme & Memory The study of rhyme, in memory and language, is ongoing. (1, 2, 3) World Science Festival 2011 panel on memory. Do rhymes facilitate memory? (1, 2) In children, rhyme training improved rhyming skill but not memory. Recall of phonologically similar items is worse than dissimilar ones. (This paper has some good summary […]

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SMC 32: World Science Festival, Baba Brinkman

A somewhat vague discussion about the fantastic World Science Festival. .. Interview with Baba Brinkman. The Rap Guide to Evolution in NYC at the Soho Playhouse. ..

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SMC 30: Perfect Pitch, Vibraphone

News Baba Brinkman‘s Rap Guide to Evolution release party in London, May 25th. Congrats to Project Calliope! .. Perfect Pitch Absolute pitch in professional musicians surveyed between 15%-30%. [PDF] Asians who speak tone-languages are more likely to have absolute pitch. Ah, but now some studies say there is a genetic component. Getting closer to identifying […]

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