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SMC 82: Aurora, Piracy, Elephants, and Boring Pop

Finland aurora study: are there sounds associated with the northern lights? 70 Percent of All Music Piracy Happens Offline. Study by the NPD group, a market research firm. The secrets of the elephant’s larynx. (NYTimes, Study) Video of elephant vocal folds. Video of elephants in wild making infrasonic calls. Modern pop: louder and “dumber?” Let’s […]

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Animal Musicians

Nice detail work in the banquet hall at Cardiff Castle, Wales. (Click to embiggen.) ..

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SMC 78: A Recording Resurrected & Acoustic Tweezers

Thanks to Linda for reporting from the Universe of Sound installation at the Science Museum in London. That Stockhausen piece we mentioned. Oldest gramophone disc reproduced from a photograph. Acoustic tweezers. “Dolphin speaker” prototype. (Good coverage, bad coverage) Male body image thingy. ..

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A Monkey Choir

Can you guess which one is Hai-Ting and which one is Matt? (Thanks to Adam from the Michigan Skeptics!) ..

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SMC 60: Fluffy Ice Frogs

FROGS The male Emei frog’s song contains information on his nest. (Coverage, paper) FLUFFY “World’s most relaxing song” question mark question mark exclamation point The Mind Lab. Music-relaxation studies (one, two, three) ICE Antarctic ice sounds from the BBC. A sound-rich radio doc (about 29 minutes). Listening underwater to determine ocean/weather conditions. ..

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SMC 59: Sixty-Four Old Violins & Citizen Whales

NEWS When I’m 64 “fake” study. (coverage, paperPDF) The (non)magic of old violins. (coverage, study) Interview with Robert Simpson of Zooniverse and Whale.fm Orca sound basics. ..

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SMC 54: Bird Sounds, Part II

NEWS Bill Nye is not dead. .. BIRD SOUNDS The traditional “bird song” is found in the passeriformes. Birdsong review (includes info on physiology and canaries and all sorts of stuff.) Example: Waterschlager, bred for song.  Low pitched sounds come primarily (about 90%) from the left side of the syrinx. (VIDEO) Example: Other Canary songs: the higher-pitched […]

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Interactive Fish Music

So you got your fish that have a weak EM field which they use to sense their surroundings. Then you got your human beings who take twelve of these fish, put them in little detector tanks or something, and set it up so you can listen and interact, musically. Or something. Here, take a look: […]

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SMC 53: Bird Sounds, Part I: Field Trip

(Image by IJsendoorn) Hai-Ting visits the White Oak Conservation Center and gets shown around by Mike Taylor. And learns about: Cassowary. Northern Helmeted Curassow. Mississippi Sandhill Crane. Wattled Crane. Calls of the cassowary! And here’s the actual cassowary Hai-Ting hung out with. ..

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SMC 8: Didgeridoo, New Logical Fallacy: Argument FOR Ignorance

The physics of the Didgeridoo The article by Roger Scruton that gets our goat, and creates our new logical fallacy: the argument for ignorance. (Different from the argument from ignorance.) This also inspired this blog post. Orcas mimic other groups’ calls. Project Calliope! ..

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