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Libration: a song

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Jonathan Berger on Music

Excellent 12 minute lecture on where music-brain research currently stands. ..

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Twinkie Song

I’m sure you’ve all said to yourself, at one time, “sure, Hai-Ting is a podcaster. But what would happen if the Glitzy Beast of T.V. got their paws on her? What would happen?” Here’s your answer: ..

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Looking For a City


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Interactive Fish Music

So you got your fish that have a weak EM field which they use to sense their surroundings. Then you got your human beings who take twelve of these fish, put them in little detector tanks or something, and set it up so you can listen and interact, musically. Or something. Here, take a look: […]

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The Ugliest Sonata?

Can advanced mathematics and sonar theory provide us with the ugliest music ever written? Frankly, I’ve heard worse… A TEDx talk. (Piece begins at about 7:47) ..

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Science Quote: When We Started

Here’s Hai-Ting singing my setting of a quote by Steven Novella: ..

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Beatbox Brain scan

Six minutes on beatbox and brain scans. (via Science with Moxie)

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The Impossibilitron

What more is there to say?

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Row Row Row Your Sink

The sinks at the Denver Art Museum are singing. Via Wired’s article on bathroom redesign.

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