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It’s Double Sonar for Dolphins

A new study has found that dolphins emit two echolocating sound beams simultaneously. They vary in frequency (pitch), and can be sent in different directions. While the speculation is that this allows for a more detailed “view” of their surroundings, rather like stereo vision (two eyes), it hasn’t yet been proven. Interestingly, there is no […]

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Of Monkeys and Metallica

In 2009 there was a lot of talk (1, 2, 3…) about monkeys who like Metallica. The usual takeaway was that of all the music played to a group of tamarins, Metallica was the only kind they responded to, and it relaxed them. Perhaps this is true, perhaps it’s not. It’s worth pointing out what […]

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Muscle Biologist Further Ingrains Musical Stereotypes

Biologist Nick Hudson has received a lot of attention for his paper Musical beauty and information compression: Complex to the ear but simple to the mind? (full text here). He is basically hypothesizing that the brain enjoys music which sounds complex but is actually easy to process. He explores the idea by compressing different recordings […]

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Dork Out!: A Preliminary Trial of the Game Boomshine

This has nothing to do with music. I like a good game here and there, and decided to answer a question I’ve had about the game Boomshine. .. RANDOM VERSUS INTENTIONAL GAMEPLAY IN BOOMSHINE ABSTRACT: In the game Boomshine, little balls bounce around the play area. The player touches the screen once (the iPhone version […]

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