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Interactive Fish Music

So you got your fish that have a weak EM field which they use to sense their surroundings. Then you got your human beings who take twelve of these fish, put them in little detector tanks or something, and set it up so you can listen and interact, musically. Or something. Here, take a look: […]

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Row Row Row Your Sink

The sinks at the Denver Art Museum are singing. Via Wired’s article on bathroom redesign.

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More Meteor Moozik

We’ve talked before about the sonification of meteors striking the atmosphere, and how the tech required to do it is pretty simple. There’s a nice followup, with audio(video) and further explanation over at the Bad Astronomy blog. Hooray for creepy science sounds!

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Time to Step Up for Project Calliope

Project Calliope, which we’ve talked about on several episodes, is sending up a pico-satellite to make music from the ionosphere. There’s only a little bit of money left to raise, and you can help out and get fabulous schtuff in return!

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vOICe: Simple Java Sonification

We’ve mentioned sonification a few times on the podcast — translating data into sound. If you don’t know how to get down and dirty, programmingwisespeaking, but are curious about it, the vOICe java applet is a nice place to start. No technobabble or code, straightforward controls. See how different 64×64 pixel pictures translate into sound, […]

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“1945-1998″ by Isao Hashimoto is a sonification of nuclear tests conducted in those years, with different tones representing different countries and locations. It’s slow, but a fascinating way to represent the cold war. Recommended.

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NYC Subway Map Instrument

Alexander Chen uses real-time subway schedule to sonify mass transit. The video above is just a taste. You can see the ‘real’ thing here. via bioephemera.

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