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Techno Outpaces Econo

As a musician, I’ve been in more than my fair share of arguments over music (cough) piracy. I’m usually in disagreement with my colleagues. My general attitude is: Yes, of course I think musicians deserve to be paid; but it’s inescapable that recordings are now just information, like everything else digital; and, whether our laws […]

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(The Trouble with Imagination…)

There’s a short bit about imagination and (kinda) the arts over at Hooray Reality. ..

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Sometimes the Crossroads of Music, Science, and Advice Makes Me Happy

Carin Bondar‘s latest Sci-Am blog post consists of tips for scientists making video-parodies of Lady Gaga. That is just beautiful. We live in a society that is actively pursuing science, actively making music (wrapped in wacky video packaging), with an active internet making cross-cultural discussion and parody easier than ever. That there are enough scientists […]

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I Prefer Sans-Woo, Thank Yoo.

Quantum weirdness is weird. No doubt. But why isn’t reality weird enough for some folks? The straight dope on the quantum world is completely fascinating and mind boggling. Take, for instance, the double slit experiment.

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Male Privilege Thought Experiment

Sorry if you’re sick of it, but we don’t get to choose whether a problem does or doesn’t exist. What is it? It is a small part of a video that has rumbled the halls of freethinking for the last few days. Several big blog posts, hundreds of tweets, and thousands of comments later, it’s […]

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The Rite of Spring Premiere was Not a Riot

In our last episode we questioned the legendary “riot at the Rite of Spring premiere.” We agreed that, looking at the original sources we found, it didn’t sound like there was a riot, and what hissing and booing occurred was a reaction to the choreography not the music, and that certainly the trouble didn’t last […]

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Spock’s Curse

Everybody’s favorite Vulcan is a well-known advocate of Reason over Emotion. He’s also (spoiler alert) a fictional character. Yet somehow (and I do aim some blame at Spock, at least as a representative of pop culture) there’s a pervasive idea that embracing reason will dull the emotions; that somehow, if you fine-tune your critical thinking… […]

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