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Opera House Game App

For all the (no doubt) hundreds of millions of people who have always wished they could be the stage manager at the Royal Opera House in the UK, here’s your (virtual) chance. According to Gramophone Magazine, “The Show Must Go On” game has been released for iP– devices. You “gather the music, assemble props, build […]

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The New York Times has a nice piece about psychoacoustics-informed sound-system design. ..

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Muscle Biologist Further Ingrains Musical Stereotypes

Biologist Nick Hudson has received a lot of attention for his paper Musical beauty and information compression: Complex to the ear but simple to the mind? (full text here). He is basically hypothesizing that the brain enjoys music which sounds complex but is actually easy to process. He explores the idea by compressing different recordings […]

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Time to Step Up for Project Calliope

Project Calliope, which we’ve talked about on several episodes, is sending up a pico-satellite to make music from the ionosphere. There’s only a little bit of money left to raise, and you can help out and get fabulous schtuff in return!

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Japan Relief

We all need to step up and do what we can to help Japan right now. Since some folks are uncomfortable with giving to some of the major charities, who often bring their religion along with their help, the Foundation Beyond Belief is raising funds for secular relief efforts.

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