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SMC 86: Castrati

The Lancet: Voice of the Castrato Journal of Anatomy: Hyperostosis frontalis interna (HFI) and castration: the case of the famous singer Farinelli (1705–1782) The Castrati in Opera, Angus Heriot, Calderbooks, 1960 The Journal of Sexual Medicine: Castrati Singers—All for Fame: A Commentary …

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SMC 85: Interview with physicist Sean Carroll

Interview with physicist and author  Sean Carroll. ..

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SMC 84: Interview with Indre Viskontas

The fantabulous neuroscientist/soprano Indre Viskontas. ..

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SMC 83: Cooperation, Compassion, Tapping

.. Hi-Fi Writer on the loudness wars. ..  ”The Frog Song” (above) from the study about children’s cooperation. (PDF) Group music sessions ‘may boost empathy in children.’ (coverage, study) NYTimes column mentioned. “Tapping” study (PDF). ..

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SMC 82: Aurora, Piracy, Elephants, and Boring Pop

Finland aurora study: are there sounds associated with the northern lights? 70 Percent of All Music Piracy Happens Offline. Study by the NPD group, a market research firm. The secrets of the elephant’s larynx. (NYTimes, Study) Video of elephant vocal folds. Video of elephants in wild making infrasonic calls. Modern pop: louder and “dumber?” Let’s […]

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SMC 81: Derek’s Music Therapy Experience

We interview Derek Colanduno about his post-stroke experience with music therapy, and how his relationship with music changed. Mentioned: The Shepherd Center. ..

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SMC 80: Avocado, Fly-sex bat attacks, Interview with a synesthete

We’re back from The Amazing Meeting. Putting out fire with sound. Ultrasonic avocado testing. (Early research) Fly sex ups bat attacks. (coverage, paper) Interview with Emily, a synesthete. (Hear our original episodes about synesthesia, 5 & 6) ..

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SMC 79: PianoSleep, GenY, EyeMusic

Science Fair album released to benefit science & engineering education for girls. (Coverage, Buy it) .. Hearing known songs during a snooze may help people play them later. Does generation Y prefer low-res sound? Converting Images Into Music for the visually impaired. (reporting, paper) Listen to samples. The other shape/sound study we mentioned. ..

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SMC 78: A Recording Resurrected & Acoustic Tweezers

Thanks to Linda for reporting from the Universe of Sound installation at the Science Museum in London. That Stockhausen piece we mentioned. Oldest gramophone disc reproduced from a photograph. Acoustic tweezers. “Dolphin speaker” prototype. (Good coverage, bad coverage) Male body image thingy. ..

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SMC 77: Music Evolves (kinda)

Be a subject in an experiment on different tuning standards. .. Scientists have “discovered” why people find rock ‘n’ roll exciting. (Bad coverage, better coverage, paper) .. Study says pop musicians are now using sadder keys and tempos: (Coverage, paper) .. “Evolving” music. (Coverage, paper) Jerry Coyne’s take on it. .. The Abstract Abstract: Gamma Ray […]

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