71: Stroh violin

Episode 71: Stroh violin

The Stroh violin http://historywired.si.edu/object.cfm?ID=46
is the brand name of a kinda of phonofiddle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonofiddle .


Bennett & Williams play two “phonofiddles.” http://youtu.be/gjNIJoIz9V0


A modern Strohcello. http://youtu.be/S6bNKmjw2Fk

Pic of romanian horn-violin:


72: New Work on the Language/Music Nexus Part I

Episode 72: New Work on the Language/Music Nexus Part I

All about the latest issue of Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience

Aphasia and MIT. (Paper) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2780359/

74: Sound News, Taste-Maker Cities, Ovulation

Episode 74: Sound News, Taste-Maker Cities, Ovulation

Oldest flute update.

Virtual orchestra.

Toward a color-based music retrieval system.

Intimate Distance, a book about Bolivian traditional music in Japan.

Teenaged acoustic land-mine-detector inventor.

Network Map of Music Listening Habits. (Coverage, paper)

Do Women Prefer More Complex Music around Ovulation?

76: My Dinner With Physicists

Episode 76: My Dinner With Physicists


Hai-Ting, in Toronto at the Luminato Festival, has dinner with Lee Smolin, Robert Spekkens, Hector Bombin, Peter Hatch, and Carlos Tamarit from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

77: Music Evolves (kinda)

Episode 77

Music Evolves (kinda)


Scientists have “discovered” why people find rock ‘n’ roll exciting. (Bad coverage, better coverage, paper)


Study says pop musicians are now using sadder keys and tempos: (Coverage, paper)


“Evolving” music. (Coverage, paper)
Jerry Coyne’s take on it.


The Abstract Abstract:
Gamma Ray Burst sonification.
Music visualization technique of repetitive structure representation to support intuitive estimation of music affinity and lightness.

78: A Recording Resurrected & Acoustic Tweezers

Episode 78

A Recording Resurrected & Acoustic Tweezers

Thanks to Linda for reporting from the Universe of Sound installation at the Science Museum in London.
That Stockhausen piece we mentioned.

Oldest gramophone disc reproduced from a photograph.

Acoustic tweezers.

“Dolphin speaker” prototype. (Good coverage, bad coverage)

Male body image thingy.

79: PianoSleep, GenY, EyeMusic

Episode 79

PianoSleep, GenY, EyeMusic


Hearing known songs during a snooze may help people play them later.

Does generation Y prefer low-res sound?

Converting Images Into Music for the visually impaired. (reporting, paper)
Listen to samples.
The other shape/sound study we mentioned.