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SMC 80: Avocado, Fly-sex bat attacks, Interview with a synesthete

We’re back from The Amazing Meeting. Putting out fire with sound. Ultrasonic avocado testing. (Early research) Fly sex ups bat attacks. (coverage, paper) Interview with Emily, a synesthete. (Hear our original episodes about synesthesia, 5 & 6) ..

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Flattened Tuba

Sousaphone, really. Spotted at the back of a music store by Bob Novella. (click to embiggen) ..

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SMC 79: PianoSleep, GenY, EyeMusic

Science Fair album released to benefit science & engineering education for girls. (Coverage, Buy it) .. Hearing known songs during a snooze may help people play them later. Does generation Y prefer low-res sound? Converting Images Into Music for the visually impaired. (reporting, paper) Listen to samples. The other shape/sound study we mentioned. ..

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Animal Musicians

Nice detail work in the banquet hall at Cardiff Castle, Wales. (Click to embiggen.) ..

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French Horn Urinals

At the Jazzissimo Lounge in Romania. (More at Laughing Squid) ..

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