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SMC 72: New Work on the Language/Music Nexus Part I

.. All about the latest issue of Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience. Aphasia and melodic intonation therapy. (Paper) And thanks to NECSS for its excellentnessnecss! ..

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SMC 71: Stroh Violin, Boney Followup

We begin with a brief rant that refers to SMC episode 60: Fluffy Ice Frogs. See you at the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism. And/or Story Collider. .. Stroh Violin Underneath: Folk song with Stroh violin (and spoons). The Stroh violin is the brand name of a kind of phonofiddle. Bennett & Williams play […]

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A Monkey Choir

Can you guess which one is Hai-Ting and which one is Matt? (Thanks to Adam from the Michigan Skeptics!) ..

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SMC 70: Music Through Bone, Self-Tuning Piano

.. Self-Tuning Piano Gizmag article. .. Music Through Bone SwiMP3. Effects of Bone-Conducted Music on Swimming Performance. Hugo Gernsback’s Osophone patent: [PDF] Bone Fone. Beethoven bites to hear better? New Scientist: “apocryphal.” Journal Nature, 1884. ..

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