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Reptilian Snail Mail

I got this excellent postcard yesterday, a friendly skeptical taunting from Crushinator, aka Corin See. Click it, for detail’s sake! ..

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SMC 65: Muscles, Headphone Death, Swedish Death

Athlete muscle advantage. .. Headphone death has tripled. (coverage, paper) Headphone sales have been rising. (one, two) Approximately four people per year die in roller coaster related accidents in the USA. .. Attending a concert is healthier than attending church? Hmmm… Umea University has done various studies on this topic. ..

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Jonathan Berger on Music

Excellent 12 minute lecture on where music-brain research currently stands. ..

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SMC 64: Nano-ear, Sky Noises, Voice Glove

We’re now part of the science360 network! .. The nano-ear makes some headway. .. Edmonton sky noises: admitted hoax. .. Voice glove. Gesturally Realized Audio, Speech and Song Performance (GRASSP). These folks are doing all sorts of interesting things. ..

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Muzak is On It!

There were several of these vans outside a medical building in midtown Manhattan. [Click to see it bigger--though why you would want to...] ..

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SMC 63: Fred Adams Interview, Part II

Part two of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. ..

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SMC 62: Fred Adams Interview, Part I

Part one of Hai-Ting’s interview with astrophysicist Fred Adams. .. In the NYC area? Come see the first workshop of Science Fair, Hai-Ting’s music/science show with music by Matt. ..

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