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Twinkie Song

I’m sure you’ve all said to yourself, at one time, “sure, Hai-Ting is a podcaster. But what would happen if the Glitzy Beast of T.V. got their paws on her? What would happen?” Here’s your answer: ..

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SMC 61: Relativity & Art with Peter Galison

An interview with science historian, physicist and author Peter Galison. And he’s collaborating with William Kentridge on this. Mentioned in this episode: Albert Einstein, Henri PoincarĂ©, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Einstein on the Beach – current tour. ..

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SMC 60: Fluffy Ice Frogs

FROGS The male Emei frog’s song contains information on his nest. (Coverage, paper) FLUFFY “World’s most relaxing song” question mark question mark exclamation point The Mind Lab. Music-relaxation studies (one, two, three) ICE Antarctic ice sounds from the BBC. A sound-rich radio doc (about 29 minutes). Listening underwater to determine ocean/weather conditions. ..

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Looking For a City


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SMC 59: Sixty-Four Old Violins & Citizen Whales

NEWS When I’m 64 “fake” study. (coverage, paperPDF) The (non)magic of old violins. (coverage, study) Interview with Robert Simpson of Zooniverse and Orca sound basics. ..

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SMC 58: Fat Lady Sings?

An interview with Monica Reinagel, nutrition diva and singer. Her podcast on reflux, which includes research references. And on the benefits of caffeine. And about dehydration. Refs for milk and mucus: one and two. Monica also has two new ebooks coming out in January: Nutrition Zombies: 10 Nutrition Myths that Refuse to Die and How […]

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