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Some crazy, beautiful person has uploaded a treasure trove of African vinyl from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Go get ‘em! Yay internet! (also on Muss My Hair) ..

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SMC 57: Brain Beat & Christmas Music nonScience (not annoying)

Hai-Ting went to Brain Beat. The Unscientific Holiday Song Science Test of NonScience This Is Your Brain On Music (Levitin, 2007) Absolute memory for musical pitch (Levitin paper referred to). The only link I’m providing is to the hippo Xmas song. Ha!) ..

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SMC 56: News from the Monkey Scope II

High-frequencies in understanding. Bee Gees CPR? Not so fast… (A, B) Music makes wine taste better? (coverage, paper) “Gorilla Man” unheard. “Change deafness” Related to “Change Blindness.” (video) “Vocal fry” getting attention… why? Pics of Baby Weasels! ..

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“It’s A Mystery” Flowchart

Click to embiggen. (via Hooray Reality) ..

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Techno Outpaces Econo

As a musician, I’ve been in more than my fair share of arguments over music (cough) piracy. I’m usually in disagreement with my colleagues. My general attitude is: Yes, of course I think musicians deserve to be paid; but it’s inescapable that recordings are now just information, like everything else digital; and, whether our laws […]

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SMC 55: Formants, Vowels & Vocal Experiments

An interview with Joe Wolfe. What is this word ‘formant’? Physclips. Volume II: Waves & Sound. More on the experiments with a soprano. We had fun at SkepticampNYC! ..

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