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Don’t Touch That Dial…

(Spotted and snapped in Penn Station NYC by Hank) ..

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SMC 54: Bird Sounds, Part II

NEWS Bill Nye is not dead. .. BIRD SOUNDS The traditional “bird song” is found in the passeriformes. Birdsong review (includes info on physiology and canaries and all sorts of stuff.) Example: Waterschlager, bred for song.  Low pitched sounds come primarily (about 90%) from the left side of the syrinx. (VIDEO) Example: Other Canary songs: the higher-pitched […]

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Interactive Fish Music

So you got your fish that have a weak EM field which they use to sense their surroundings. Then you got your human beings who take twelve of these fish, put them in little detector tanks or something, and set it up so you can listen and interact, musically. Or something. Here, take a look: […]

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SMC 53: Bird Sounds, Part I: Field Trip

(Image by IJsendoorn) Hai-Ting visits the White Oak Conservation Center and gets shown around by Mike Taylor. And learns about: Cassowary. Northern Helmeted Curassow. Mississippi Sandhill Crane. Wattled Crane. Calls of the cassowary! And here’s the actual cassowary Hai-Ting hung out with. ..

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Opera House Game App

For all the (no doubt) hundreds of millions of people who have always wished they could be the stage manager at the Royal Opera House in the UK, here’s your (virtual) chance. According to Gramophone Magazine, “The Show Must Go On” game has been released for iP– devices. You “gather the music, assemble props, build […]

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The Ugliest Sonata?

Can advanced mathematics and sonar theory provide us with the ugliest music ever written? Frankly, I’ve heard worse… A TEDx talk. (Piece begins at about 7:47) ..

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SMC 52: Priming & Pareidolia Part II

Priming & Pareidolia Part II Part I is here. Pareidolia at the skeptic’s dictionary. Pareidolia can be visual or auditory. Priming from the NYTimes. Piano speaking Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. EVP example. “Islam is the light” doll news report. And the Snopes takedown. Reality Check episode 10. […]

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Science Quote: When We Started

Here’s Hai-Ting singing my setting of a quote by Steven Novella: ..

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LP Covers, Asia, 60s

How many Asian LP covers from the 1960s did you want to peruse? Hundreds, you say?  (via WFMU) (also on Muss My Hair)

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(The Trouble with Imagination…)

There’s a short bit about imagination and (kinda) the arts over at Hooray Reality. ..

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