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SMC 51: Priming & Pareidolia, Part I

News Heavy metal music “negative impacts on youth.” (coverage) Picked up by Metal Insider dot net, and then followed up on. A related McFerran study (with some of her reflections on the questions involved). (PDF) .. Priming & Pareidolia Part I Pareidolia at the skeptic’s dictionary. Apophenia. Pareidolia can be visual or auditory. Priming from […]

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Beatbox Brain scan

Six minutes on beatbox and brain scans. (via Science with Moxie)

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SMC 50: Halloween show: Bats!!!!

 (click for da bigger version.) NEWS Chorus waves. (Science News) Main source of auroral precipitation. Chorus sounds courtesy U of Iowa PLASMA WAVE INVESTIGATION. New model predicts solar superstorm could disrupt satellites for years. NASA’s vid of the Halloween storm. ‘Dance Your PhD’ winner! .. BATS!!!!!!!! Echolocation summary. “How bats work.” Echolocation discovered in 1940. […]

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Music Notation Typewriter

We were alerted by Laughing Squid to the apparent existence of a music notation typewriter. Hadn’t heard of it before. Why? Because it’s a bad idea, and we’re not surprised it wasn’t successful. Nevertheless, ain’t history interesting? Read more here. ..

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The Impossibilitron

What more is there to say?

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SMC 49: Creativity, Respected?

News Zenoids theme music contest. .. Creativity, Respected? or, I Wouldn’t Think Outside that Box with a Ten Foot Pole Study: Biased against creatives? (Coverage, paper) Creatives more likely to be schizophrenic, have mood disorders, be alcoholic, and be psychopaths. (One example from the literature) On the link between creativity and distrust. Creative problem solving […]

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SMC 48: Sing-Along Scientists, Hydraulophone

We Are the Champions Catchiest Song Ever Written? Not quite, but interesting nevertheless. (press release, coverage a b c) New Nobel prize-winner Saul Perlmutter is also a musician. Greg Graffin – lead vocals Bad Religion, evolutionary biology & paleontologist. Vijay Iyer. Getting scientists to compose. (Coverage, short film about it.) Blogs mentioned: Musicians & Scientists, […]

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Row Row Row Your Sink

The sinks at the Denver Art Museum are singing. Via Wired’s article on bathroom redesign.

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More Meteor Moozik

We’ve talked before about the sonification of meteors striking the atmosphere, and how the tech required to do it is pretty simple. There’s a nice followup, with audio(video) and further explanation over at the Bad Astronomy blog. Hooray for creepy science sounds!

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