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SMC 47: News from the Monkey Scope

Closing in on the cause of tinnitus. The pitch of tinnitus can limit the effectiveness of intensive TMNMT. (Here’s what tailor-made notched music training is.) One more tiny tiny step towards an acoustic cloak. Pain reduction from music listening: perhaps simply a result of distraction? Really? column in the NYTimes. Are musicians more likely to […]

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Lyre Bird

A terrific sendup of one of our heroes.

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SMC 46: Stage Fright! Choke! Aahh!

 (Photo from behind the bar at the club Jalopy in Brooklyn.) News The McGurk Effect video everyone’s been on about. Harry McGurk came across it while studying infant perception of speech. The effect works with various syllables. Here’s one that combines McGurk effect with the Ventriloquist effect. New mathematical model of ‘harmonious’ and ‘dissonant’ sounds. […]

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A Different PBS: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society has released recordings of unknown sounds made during a bigfoot investigation. To their credit, they do not claim this is evidence of bigfoot, only that the sounds are unidentified. As a skeptic, I have often said something along the lines of “I don’t really give a damn about bigfoot believers. If […]

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SMC 45: Rhyme, Memory, Rap, Beowulf

Rhyme & Memory The study of rhyme, in memory and language, is ongoing. (1, 2, 3) World Science Festival 2011 panel on memory. Do rhymes facilitate memory? (1, 2) In children, rhyme training improved rhyming skill but not memory. Recall of phonologically similar items is worse than dissimilar ones. (This paper has some good summary […]

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The New York Times has a nice piece about psychoacoustics-informed sound-system design. ..

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Bach of the Antarctic

A must see 8-min video for all music/science geeks: Bach of the Antarctic!

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SMC 44: More Flow, Musical Taste, Factor Analysis

Followup: Flow Wherein we refer to Episode 38. .. Factor Analysis The structure of musical preferences; factor analysis. (Sci-Am coverage, paper) With Phyllis Chinn. Bohemian Beer Party Polka. ..

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Beluga + Mariachi = Delightful Anthropomorphization

via hybirds of art and science

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