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SMC 43: Bells! Bells! Bells!

NEWS ViHart: What’s up with noises? Fat Joe loses weight. .. BELLS! The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe. (Underneath: Noontime bells in Moscow.) 1722 – London and Westminster – 377 church bells (Subscription required) The acoustics of bells. Church bell recording by thanvannispen via under a CC Sample 1.o license. What note do we […]

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SMC 42: Reading Music – Beyond Robots

.. A weak study on music in the operating theatre comes to vast conclusions based on 13 questions. .. Reading Music Robot Reading Music. (Reporting, paper.) Reading ahead: about 1 second (for violinists, anyway). Sight-singing: pitch before rhythm. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect (working memory). (paywall) Eye-movement while reading music. “Notational audiation,” or reading music […]

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What to Do with a Cellphoner in the Audience

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SMC 41: Deaf by Distraction

Spoilers don’t spoil? (Reporting, Lehrer blog) Bavarian star symphony. (Underneath: the radioactive orchestra, interactive isotope music.) Spaceweather Radio. Phil Plait’s entry on the topic. Geminid meteor shower 1998 sound at NASA. .. Inattentional deafness. (Coverage, study) Gorilla attention thingy we mentioned. .. Gum-leaf, one of three Australian aboriginal instruments. (Underneath: Herb Patten on Australia’s Got […]

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Tweet Dump 11.08

From Squidocto: – Being a skeptic is 99% chance, 2% work, and -1% magic. – Opportunity rover forgot wallet, has to return to landing site. #NASAMarsrumor – Saw kid w “global warming burned my homework” tshirt. Explained how local weather isn’t necessarily proof of climate events… #noIdidnt – There’s a word for someone who denies […]

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SMC 40: Doppler Fun, Humor in Music

Fun with the doppler effect: a dorky adventure. (doppler java app) .. Humor in Music an interview with Peter Schickele, a.k.a P.D.Q. Bach (heard at end: Jonathan & Darlene Edwards) (Some papers on humor theory that we didn’t read. (1, 2)) ..

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The Mortality Tuba

Some comics seem tailor-made for The Scopes Monkey Choir. ..    

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