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SMC 39: Vocal Gel, Nodes, Pansori

NEWS Lady Gaga parody-video tips for scientists. The enduring myth of music and maths. (via John Allen Paulos) .. GEL, NODES, AND OTHER ICKY VOCAL PROBLEMS Synthetic gel mimics vocal folds. (via SkepTV) Tested on dogs — all aok (we hope). “Nodes,” or Vocal Nodules. (Basics) Even the pros don’t always agree what exactly “nodes” […]

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Sometimes the Crossroads of Music, Science, and Advice Makes Me Happy

Carin Bondar‘s latest Sci-Am blog post consists of tips for scientists making video-parodies of Lady Gaga. That is just beautiful. We live in a society that is actively pursuing science, actively making music (wrapped in wacky video packaging), with an active internet making cross-cultural discussion and parody easier than ever. That there are enough scientists […]

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SMC 38: My Music Brain, TAM, Flow

Review: My Music Brain. (A rant.) .. The Amazing Meeting 9. .. Improvisation, or Flow with Ashley Hamer and George Hrab. Yes it’s a real thing (explicit/implicit brain functions, and non-brain body changes). (one, two) Brain turns on about what you’d expect — sequence generation, selection, and motor coordination. Experienced improvisors shut down the fTPJ. […]

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SMC 37: Volu-followup, Stephan Moore, Waterphone

Volume Followup Rule of thumb for knowing how damaging a given decibel level is. (OSHA) Lollipop listening therapy on Mad Art Lab. .. Loudspeakers Loudspeaker history breakdown. Interview with Stephan Moore. (Can a speaker look like a monkey? Yes.) ..  Instrument du Jour of the Week: Waterphone (Underneath: Dr. Todd Barton playing a waterphone made […]

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I Prefer Sans-Woo, Thank Yoo.

Quantum weirdness is weird. No doubt. But why isn’t reality weird enough for some folks? The straight dope on the quantum world is completely fascinating and mind boggling. Take, for instance, the double slit experiment.

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Trombone, 1899

Click to embonate. (Via Vintage Printable)

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Male Privilege Thought Experiment

Sorry if you’re sick of it, but we don’t get to choose whether a problem does or doesn’t exist. What is it? It is a small part of a video that has rumbled the halls of freethinking for the last few days. Several big blog posts, hundreds of tweets, and thousands of comments later, it’s […]

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SMC 36: Volume!

NEWS PossessedHand. (Developer’s site, New Scientist coverage) .. VOLUME! Decibel basics are from Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music by Barry Parker (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009). Infrasonic detection of a near‐Earth object impact over Indonesia on 8 October 2009. (paper) About hearing damage. The insect with the loud penis. (BBC coverage with sound, paper) […]

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