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Guitar Vibrations

Fantastic series of photos from Cardiff University reveal the complex vibrations in guitars (and other string instruments). Different frequencies (different notes, low and high) result in different vibrational patterns on the body. Check it out. via i09

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SMC 31: Rite of Spring, Northumbrian Smallpipes

News Reaction to sound may help separate conscious patients from vegetative patients. (Reporting; study) Use of Music and Voice Stimulus on Patients With Disorders of Consciousness. (PDF) .. The Premiere of the Rite of Spring UPDATE: for a more definitive takedown of the “riot” read here.

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SMC 30: Perfect Pitch, Vibraphone

News Baba Brinkman‘s Rap Guide to Evolution release party in London, May 25th. Congrats to Project Calliope! .. Perfect Pitch Absolute pitch in professional musicians surveyed between 15%-30%. [PDF] Asians who speak tone-languages are more likely to have absolute pitch. Ah, but now some studies say there is a genetic component. Getting closer to identifying […]

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SMC 29: One-Path Fallacy, Glass Harmonica

NEWS Will science make earbuds more comfortable? Asius Technologies is presenting two papers and two solutions. .. THE ONE-PATH FALLACY A casual variation of the logical fallacy Denying the antecedent. .. INSTRUMENT DU JOUR OF THE WEEK: Glass Harmonica (Underneath: Thomas Bloch playing Grave by J.J.S. von Holt Sombach) Much of the information on the […]

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Climate Scientist Rap

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Gorgeous video by oneedo for the band Danger Beach. Full-screen it!  via Music of Sound.

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SMC 28: Metronome Vs. Tuning Fork

News Study claims narcissism is ‘on the rise’ in pop lyrics. Lots of coverage (one, two three), some decent take-downs (one, two). [Original Study ($$)] Listen to lead author Nathan DeWall talk about the study. “Is there any hope for society amidst this onslaught of egotism?” Ugh. Hmm, he’s seems to really have a thing […]

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Muscle Biologist Further Ingrains Musical Stereotypes

Biologist Nick Hudson has received a lot of attention for his paper Musical beauty and information compression: Complex to the ear but simple to the mind? (full text here). He is basically hypothesizing that the brain enjoys music which sounds complex but is actually easy to process. He explores the idea by compressing different recordings […]

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Stevie by K.

Really nice combo of archival footage and sparse indie rock in this video by K.

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