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SMC 27: How the Voice Works

News A scientist’s tribute to Maria Callas. Underneath: Maria Callas singing “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s┬áTosca. .. How the Voice Works The basics of the voice (and how it can go wrong). Diagrams of vocal tract, including difference between chimpanzee, baby, and grown human. Dr. Thomas explains a laryngoscopy. ..

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SMC 26: Early Recording Technology, Theremin

News Creationist review of Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia. (PDF) .. Early Recording Technology Phonautograph. First Sounds dot org Description of phonoautograph mechanics by Patrick Feaster. Did Scott record Abraham Lincoln on a still-missing phonautograph? Nope, sorry. Interview with Spacedog (Sarah Angliss). Part Two: The Edison and early recording technologies. Edison demonstration, showing inner workings and all. […]

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Tortured Piano

Since we just talked about piano destruction, I thought I’d keep you up to date on further advances in this strange tradition. This one’s via the blog Music of Sound.

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SMC 25: Spacedog, Baoding Balls

NEWS Musicmask; or, how to pay $44.95 to close your eyes. (The scientific paper the product website cites actually contradicts their claims.) Step up for Project Calliope! Donate what you can and get cool schtuff. INTERVIEW with Spacedog (Sarah Angliss) of Mad Art Lab. Part One: Angliss on music & skepticism. INSTRUMENT DU JOUR OF […]

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Time to Step Up for Project Calliope

Project Calliope, which we’ve talked about on several episodes, is sending up a pico-satellite to make music from the ionosphere. There’s only a little bit of money left to raise, and you can help out and get fabulous schtuff in return!

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SMC 24: NECSS Non-Episode

We were at the 2011 Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism all weekend, and we didn’t have any backup episodes. So all you get this week is four minutes of, well, (almost) nothing. Many thanks and hoorays to Maki Naro, Erika Switzer, Page Van Meter, Brian George, Julia Galef, Adam Magazine, oh and on and […]

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Storm Movie

Tim Minchin’s classic beat-rant song “Storm” has been deliciously animated. I’m going to be annoying and not embed it here, so you are forced to go and watch it in HD. So when you’ve got 10 minutes to spare for free-thinking fun, GO.

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SMC 23: The Piano, Then and Now

The Piano 1899: The piano as a cause of neuroses. (Quote from here; Full text here.) Piano Basics Much material here is from Barry Parker’s book Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music. (His site; Amazon) One of the first twenty pianofortes ever made, made by Cristofiori, between 1709 and 1720. The Piano Deconstructed: diagram of […]

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Rap Battle: Einstein vs. Hawking

I know, I know, everyone’s already watched it. But I hadn’t. So here it is:  

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