SMC 22 : B-flat? Sounds of the Universe, Stalacpipe Organ

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra helps science by playing to plants.
Reporting of original plant/music studies.


Yes, we’ve heard about B-flat.

Since first airing on NPR in 2007, Robert Krulwich’s story “Have You Heard About B Flat?” has received tons of attention. Tossing around words like “mysterious” and phrases such as “…he doesn’t have an explanation,” Kruwlich proceeds to tell three unrelated stories that happen to share one element, the note B-flat, and then implies there’s something inexplicable going on. Our response on this episode of the podcast is based on our belief that science and reality are awe-inspiring without cherry picking the data. There is nothing “mysterious” about B-flat!

Black hole in B-flat.


Have you heard about E-flat?

Coronal loops in E-flat.
My Life in E Flat – Charlie Parker’s wife.
E-Flat Porch Band.
Jclin4′s tinnitus is in e-flat.
Any room about 14 and a half feet wide will resonate in Eb.
According to answers dot com “most toilets flush in E-Flat.”
A black hole in Eb! (Dominant frequency .3 Hz, just below Eb)


Sounds of the Universe

Paul Francis’ Sounds of the Universe.

Cassini & Galileo, Nasa.

Voyager I, Nasa.

Cassini at Saturn, Nasa.

Big Bang sound stuff that we didn’t talk about: One, two.


INSTRUMENT DU JOUR: The Great Stalacpipe Organ.
YouTube recording.


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2 comments to “SMC 22 : B-flat? Sounds of the Universe, Stalacpipe Organ”

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    1Phyllis Chinnon 30 Mar 2011 at 1:04 pm

    In a much earlier episode Scopes Money played a clip of a yodeler. I found htis one by a young American girl to be even more impressive:

  2. avatar

    2Scopes Monkey Matton 31 Mar 2011 at 1:41 pm

    That’s episode 13:


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