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SMC 22 : B-flat? Sounds of the Universe, Stalacpipe Organ

NEWS Royal Philharmonic Orchestra helps science by playing to plants. Reporting of original plant/music studies. .. Yes, we’ve heard about B-flat. Since first airing on NPR in 2007, Robert Krulwich’s story “Have You Heard About B Flat?” has received tons of attention. Tossing around words like “mysterious” and phrases such as “…he doesn’t have an […]

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The Splits – Video

In episode 18 we mentioned an odd project I was involved in called The Splits. Here’s a taste of what it was like:  

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vOICe: Simple Java Sonification

We’ve mentioned sonification a few times on the podcast — translating data into sound. If you don’t know how to get down and dirty, programmingwisespeaking, but are curious about it, the vOICe java applet is a nice place to start. No technobabble or code, straightforward controls. See how different 64×64 pixel pictures translate into sound, […]

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SMC 21: Smashley, Taste the Music, Contrabassoon

Interview with Mad Art Lab‘s Ashley Hamer. The taste of music. INSTRUMENT DU JOUR: Contrabassoon Contrabassoon master class. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Paul Abraham Dukas. Contrabass dot com ..

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Geek Anthem

Via the Geek Pop podcast; I love the chorus of this song by Marian Call. I guess I should admit that I don’t recognize all the pics in the video. So I’m either not geek enough, or a different flavor of geek….  

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SMC 20: The Universal Language?

MISERE MEI A basic but unreferenced account of the Allegri Affair. Vitriol about Mozart and his supposed feat. .. NEWS First documented case of beat deafness. [one, two] Portable music volume can mess with your sound discrimination. (Coverage, study) Sad music: if you love it, is it prolactin? (Maybe, but the jury’s still out.) .. […]

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Japan Relief

We all need to step up and do what we can to help Japan right now. Since some folks are uncomfortable with giving to some of the major charities, who often bring their religion along with their help, the Foundation Beyond Belief is raising funds for secular relief efforts.

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So I went to a charity auction at the church…

…where I am paid to sing in the choir on Sundays. (Yes, the church from which I tweet during the sermon.  Shhhh.) It was a silent auction, and as each person arrived, they were given a unique “paddle” number, to be held up for bids. Here I am with my randomly assigned number. Apparently someone […]

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Maori Science-Sexy Pop

JGeek and the Geeks.

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SMC 19: Fermented Music, Sound in Space, Baby Music Basics

.. FERMENTED MUSIC Playing music to wine while it ferments. SOUND IN SPACE Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133) launch video. The sound begins at 14:46. No air up there! But if you attach a microphone to a huge hunk of metal, vibrations, including when bits of debris hit, will be picked up as sound. (via Bad Astronomy) […]

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