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SMC 18: Split Instruments, Floppy Disc Music

THE SPLITS Sculptor Jane Benson splits string instruments in half. Scopes Monkey Matt has written music for them. .. FLOPPY DISC MUSIC Phantom of the Floppera. Star Wars Imperial Theme on floppy. Radiohead arranged for hardware. How does it work? Interview with Ed Bear. .. Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism! ..

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SMC 17: Body Sounds

KNUCKLE CRACKING Does not cause arthritis, but can cause hand impairment. The leading theory of what’s going on. (Or is it? No, really, I’m not sure. This is a “reserve” episode, and we may have gotten it wrong, but I’m too busy to do the research now. Sorry.) BODY SOUNDS Petomane (fart music, hee hee) […]

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In B-flat

Nice collaborative project site. At the site are 20 videos of people making music in the key of B flat. You can play ‘em all, some of them, mix and match; make your unique piece in B flat!

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SMC 16: Space Flute, Tinnitus, Clavichord

NEWS Flute Music in Space. More on music in space. .. TINNITUS tin-EYE-tus or TIN-u-tus, both are right. Much of the general info is from Møller, Textbook of Tinnitus, 2010. Case: tinnitus evolving into 24-hour musical hallucinations. (Sacks, Musicophilia) rTMS for the treatment of tinnitus: The role of neuronavigation for coil positioning. Irish teenagers find […]

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Watch the Strings Vibrate…

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NYC Subway Map Instrument

Alexander Chen uses real-time subway schedule to sonify mass transit. The video above is just a taste. You can see the ‘real’ thing here. via bioephemera.

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SMC 15: Epilepsy and Music

NEWS Some of our musician listeners have asked what the hell we mean when we talk about “the skeptical community.” On our home page you can check out some of the links on the right in Blogroll and Podcasts to explore. Also, here’s a good introductory description. Followup on the paper Why More Intelligent Individuals […]

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